“Theatrical Releases” and future video game writings

On the right sidebar, I’ve just added a column titled “Theatrical Releases”, a continually updated column that reviews in capsule form every new theatrical release I see each year; when the year’s over, I’ll archive the reviews into their own page and start the column over for the next year. The downside is that the widget I use for this doesn’t notify followers of its own updating, so I’ll announce new capsule reviews via social media (the links to which are on the left sidebar).

Also, I just took down a post I uploaded earlier this week titled “Bioware’s and Obsidian’s Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic”/”A reflection on Star Wars, especially Knight of the Old Republic” because, well, I find that I’m now much more interested in writing full-fledged reflections on movies than video games since video games conflict me so much. I’d rather the main focus of this blog be movies, so when I write about individual games, I’ll write about them in lists/compilations.


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