Unexpected motivation

Whelp, I’ve accepted that I’m not ready to do anything experimental with live-action, and my current job situation is leaving me with more free time than I was expecting by this point, so I’m now motivated to make more climactic the anti-climax I warned my subscribers about in this message (whose video I’ll delete whence I upload this final part):


I am, however, not telling them this new development directly in case my plans change again.

As for this blog, I’m currently playing through Skyward Sword, Ocarina of Time, and Twilight Princess to analyze how they work as an unofficial Legend of Zelda trilogy. I’ve just moved onto Ocarina, and I won’t be picking it or any games up again until after Holy Week, but even playing it in slightly higher quality with a GameCube controller for the first time (which means, considering this GameCube version was released in 2003, I won’t be upgrading to the Wii virtual console version until 2031), I still feel right at home with it.


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