3rd anniversary

Whelp, I just got a notification saying I registered for WordPress three years ago.

My first blog was The Colorful Silver Screen, and I kicked it off with a review for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Alas, that review is gone, but I did give the film an 8 or 9/10. Now, I’d give it a B-, which is academically still an 8/10.

Since then, I haven’t found my niche as a critic, but I’m feeling more at home than ever about what I’ve been doing for the past few weeks, trying to be more a guy who runs a blog than a critic. To put into perspective how far my motivation to write has come, here’s a 6th-grade entry from a journal I was assigned to write in every school day:

“I’ll tell you why some people call manta rays ‘devil rays.’ They have fins that look like horns. I have to put in a third sentence.”

…Then again, I have been pretty picky about how I structure my blog posts…

I appreciate all who’ve been following me this blog both onsite and offsite, especially those who’ve been following me through my indecisiveness.


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