Unexpected excitement (for Transformers)

As you’d find out through my review of the first Transformers movie, my history with Transformers isn’t my most favored period in my life. That’s partly why I want to finish my Transformers stop-motion videos.

I actually sort-of lost interest in the franchise during the hype period for Age of Extinction, a film which actually ended up having some of the best character moments in the whole series while also some of the most redundant action sequences. In some ways it was better than the first three, and in other ways it wasn’t. Could I ever get excited for a glorified toy commercial again?

…Well, as the latest The Last Je—uh, Knight trailer proves, my inner highschooler can. I mean, my inner critic is saying, “No matter how good this will be, it can’t redeem the last four.” However, if somebody time-travelled this trailer back to highschooler me, my head might have blown up:

This has an emotional vibe that no other Transformers trailer has. It’s not just a bunch of cool and exciting visuals ala the Dark of the Moon trailer; I’m feeling the stakes.

The one consistently good thing about these movies is the special effects, and this movie looks huge! Like, it could make Dark of the Moon‘s Chicago battle (the most entertaining part of any Transformers movie thus far) look like a mere fistfight!

Speaking of which, I appreciate that these last two films aren’t just brushing off the consequences of Dark of the Moon. Age of Extinction treated the Battle of Chicago like a 9/11-type event that turned humanity against the transformers, and it looks like Optimus in The Last Knight is being judged for destroying Cybertron (well, it was Bumblebee [yes, I still remember details like that], but…).

As for Optimus turning evil, I hate to see the subversion of who should be one of the ultimate good guys. Heck, I didn’t like the ruthless edge Optimus has after the first one (both his character and John Turturro’s are two of the first one’s only redeeming qualities, and then the sequels ruin them), but that makes his turn to the Dark Side all the more inevitable. I could mention how silly it is that the transformers have yet another secret history with the human race, but it’s already about alien robots that can fold perfectly into the pieces of human technology they happen to have the ability to scan…

Of course, the disastrous Revenge of the Fallen‘s trailers looked awesome, and I’m not expecting The Last Knight to be a movie I’d want to watch more than once; heck, considering the whole series that came before it, I probably won’t be able to recommend it even if it turns out to be above average. Plus, I’m not sure what to think of the “species turning against its own creators” theme. But it looks like one heck of a big screen experience for my inner highschooler.

We’ll see if the actual film will leave me as impressed in my inevitable review.


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