Unsurprising cynicism (towards Star Wars)

What’s this?! A Transformers: The Last Knight trailer and a Star Wars: The Last Jedi teaser in the same week?! (Why is Hollywood tormenting me with the first two words of the title of that horrific video game that everyone else loves?!):

As you know from my “Where Disney’s Star Wars Went Wrong” article and its followup, I’ve been disappointed with Disney’s Star Wars, especially with how this Sequel trilogy fundamentally contradicts Darth Vader’s character arc. Now, I already have a complaint about The Last Jedi: it’s revealing a relativistic approach to the Force that takes good and evil out of the question, reminiscent of Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords, and presenting it as the ideal approach to the Force.

As one of my siblings pointed out regarding Rogue One (and nevertheless liked that movie way more than I did), without consideration of good and evil, there is no truth to fight for; there’s only a personal ideology. However, Rogue One blurring the lines between the Rebels and the Empire, a physical conflict, doesn’t bother me nearly as much as how The Last Jedi is further blurring the lines within the Force itself, a spiritual reality.

Really, there’s no use writing more about Star Wars at this point because it’s not gonna please me again. Heck, having rewatched the Originals since I wrote those articles, I think Return of the Jedi forever ruined the Jedis’ image of goodness—with the help of Empire‘s climax, of course—by how Yoda and Obi-Wan turn out to be liars and urge Luke to kill Vader without second thoughts, and they’re awarded eternal life nonetheless. In that respect, I’d actually agree with The Last Jedi‘s teaser’s last line if the film went with another important detail Return of the Jedi establishes: that there is a way to the Light without following the Jedis’ anti-humanism.

Sadly, a Star Wars episode will have to be an “I’ll see it based on what reviews say” movie. Imagine that! I’m more eager to see and review Transformers than Star Wars. At least it gave me another joyous chance to see Fr. Rodrick turn into a big kid.

My appreciation for Zelda and Lord of the Rings better not waver next; my inner amatuer fairy tale geek can’t take much more existential dread.


5 thoughts on “Unsurprising cynicism (towards Star Wars)

    • As a priest I know just said, “It’s only a matter of time before Hollywood turns the Carebears into something less caring and a little more ‘tolerant'”

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    • The thing is, Star Wars was originally made to be an antidote to the cynicism of Hollywood, a story where good was good and bad was bad. Star Wars could and should still be that, but it’s becoming what it was supposed to stand against now that Hollywood is in charge of it.

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