Favorite music from video games – vol. 1

Pretty much Megaman X‘s entire soundtrack is catchy as heck.

The Metal Gear Solid series may have been my biggest gaming disappointment next to The Last of Us, but Harry Garrison-Williams’s score sure is worth revisiting.

Like Ocarina of Time, Chrono Cross, along with its predecessor Chrono Trigger, (but mostly Cross), was a huge influence on my childhood, except unlike Ocarina, I haven’t beaten it, nor its predecessor, yet (I’ve seen it get beaten though). Narrowing down to a single musical piece from either one’s soundtrack is difficult, so I’ll pick this one from Cross for this list.

Like the Chrono duology, Shadow of the Colossus could be on several of these lists; this is the track I end up humming the most.

Oddly enough, my favorite Legend of Zelda musical piece comes from a Zelda game I haven’t beaten yet. Even the original 16-bit version embodies what it feels like to have accomplished a grand adventure more so than any of the 3D Zelda games. I’ll probably have bought and beaten Breath of the Wild by the time I get to this ending myself.


2 thoughts on “Favorite music from video games – vol. 1

  1. If you like A Link To The Past’s soundtrack, you should definitely give A Link Between Worlds a listen – quite a lot of impressive remakes of LTTP’s tracks there.


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