“Big, Bad Planning Board Meeting” (2017) My Latest Video

So yeah, those who’ve been following this blog really haven’t gotten a good look into my sense of humor…until now.

This is both a continuation of the Big Baddies saga, if that’s what you can call it, from my Absurdlyawesome channel and an excuse to spoof recent pop culture. Loki could have been a part of this (though this is a reworking of a more ambitious [but ultimately too ambitious] video I originally planned where Loki’s absence was a plot point), but his figure’s head went missing; maybe I’ll bring him back in a later video if there’s a Ragnarok action figure of him.

Also, if you’re confused about why I credited Nickelodeon at the end, it’s because I used a near word-for-word quote from Spongebob. It’s not the same riff on property as using action figures is, but it’s still significant to the plot. (And don’t miss the after-credits scene.)


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