About T.

I’m geeky Catholic introvert T. Martin, and I’m using this blog to express my opinions on movies. My dream is to become a filmmaker (which I’ve put into practice through a couple of Youtube channels, the more experimental T. Martin Video and the more popular Absurdlyawesome), so I consider myself an enthusiast rather than a critic (even then, I haven’t seen enough movies to consider myself a cinephile), especially since I have yet to take any official film classes.

I’ve actually been writing since 2014; I can just never seem to find a style or consistent topic of writing I’m happy with, therefore I’ve deleted a lot of previous film writings and all my video game writings. I’ve gained a small following who cares about my writing though, so there are people who appreciate my work even when I don’t.

A = Great
B = Good
C = Okay
D = Bad
F = Worthless